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Mechanical Production Technician: Ronny Mubichi

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Could you tell us a bit about yourself? I am Ronny Muthomi Mubichi, born and raised in Kenya. I'm a mechanical production technician now specialising in CNC programming and machining jobs. I was privileged enough to work for an international firm based in my home country dealing with CNC machining. There I got to boost my experience in programming and other machine jobs. This opened opportunities for me to work with some major production facilities in both food processing and manufacturing companies. My love for metal work also made me invest in a welding and automobile repair shop. Having been brought up in a workshop by my father I fell in love with lathe work at a young age. I knew this was something I wanted to do in life and ventured into a career where I could continue learning and which felt almost like a hobby. What has your career journey been like with Africa Work Power? Africa Work Power has elevated my career journey to another level and they have set my bar very high. I started working with AWP in July 2022 and have no regrets in relocating to Europe. New challenges are what make life interesting. I have learnt that quality and precision is everything when it comes to CNC machining. In the future, I see my self growing my career to the next and highest possible level, perhaps becoming an entrepreneur in the manufacturing field.

- Ronny Mubichi, Mechanical Production Technician

Smiling mechanical production technician

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